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Folgende Publikationen des Forschungsprojektes wurden erstellt und stehen teilweise zum Download bereit:

  • Schmidt-Keilich, Marc; Schrader, Ulf (2018): Sustainability innovation by integrating employees: The potential of sustainable embedded lead users, International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development (in press). Download hier
  • Buhl, A. (in press): Do It Yourself – A Lean Startup Toolbox for Employee-Driven Green Product Innovation.
    International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.
  • Buhl, A.; Blazejewski, S.; Dittmer, F. (2016): The More, the Merrier: Why and How Employee-Driven
    Eco-Innovation Enhances Environmental and Competitive Advantage. Sustainability, 8, 946. Download hier
  • Muster, V.; Schrader, U.; Blazejewski, S. et al. (2016): Integration von Mitarbeitern als Konsumenten in Nachhaltigkeitsinnovationsprozesse.
    uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForum, 24(4), 417-421. Link zu Springer
  • Süßbauer, E. and Schäfer, M. (2018) ‘Greening the workplace: conceptualising workplaces as settings for enabling sustainable consumption’, Int. J. Innovation and Sustainable Development, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp.327–349.
  • Süßbauer. E. und Schäfer, M. (eingereicht): Employees as co-designers of green workplaces: Findings from sustainability-oriented companies in Germany, Journal of Cleaner Production.


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